Guitar Lessons in Salisbury

Studio 1


I offer guitar tuition, both electric and acoustic, also bass guitar tuition. I teach all popular styles and welcome students from beginner to advanced. Lessons take place at a mutually convenient time in my dedicated teaching studio in Amesbury.

Normally students attend an hour long lesson, once a week.

Initial Areas Of Study

  • Basic Techniques.
  • Chord Construction
  • Following Charts & Written Music.
  • Rhythm & Lead Guitar.
  • Harmony & Theory.
  • Composition & Song Construction.
  • Ear Training.

Further Areas Of Study

  • Advanced Soloing.
  • Modal Harmony.
  • Extended Chords & Jazz Harmony.
  • Recording Techniques.
  • GCSE Performance Coaching


For more information or to book a free trial lesson call 0845 597 8566.